Welcome to my website.

Chronophobia (Currently Unavailable)
Built in 3 days using the Simpler Engine the game was developed by myself, another programmer and a graphic designer for a University assignment. I built the store, menu and worked on optimising some of the game play mechanics.

Doge Spin (Google Play)
Built during the Global Game Jam 2014 this game was developed in just 3 hours and uploaded to the Google Play Store, within the first month the game acquired over 10000 downloads with no paid advertising. The game has been updated a few times since release to add additional features which were suggested by users.

The Fancott Miniature Railway (Online External)
I have been running the social marketing and advertising of The Fancott Miniature Railway, a 7 1/4" Railway for over 5 years, the website was originally ran by my older brother Matt until I became more actively involved in the websites development. I have been mentioned in books as the website administrator for The Fancott Miniature Railway and still maintain the role.

Libraries (Online External)
I have worked on some small libraries for various personal ActionScript 3 projects and I've uploaded them to github. Feel free to browse these libraries, these libraries include functionality for turning JSON into Typed Objects, handling Tile Maps in Starling and more.

Heart of Vegas Mobile (iTunes | Google Play)
Working as a Developer for Product Madness I have worked on many aspects of Heart of Vegas Mobile. I have worked on converting original content to work with Adobe Air as well as implementing new features, written using AS3, Robotlegs2, The Starling Framework and more.

I Don't Know (Online External)
Made for The Global Game Jam we decided to create a platform hopping game where the player has a single level with ever changing parameters. The game was built by myself, another programmer and a graphic designer who all worked on different aspects of the game.

IDK2 Demo (Online External)
Built in 48 hours myself and another programmer worked with the theme and elements provided to create this random game which uses similar mechanics to I Don't Know. We decided to embrace the theme and elements we'd be assigned and tried as always to build a polished game.

Simpler Engine (Currently Unavailable)
I designed and built an AS3 game engine from scratch which uses the Starling Framework and Box2d, the game engine has a variety of features and the main purpose of the engine was to abstract away repetitive code into classes which could be implemented in a single line. The game engine handles the Display List, Collision, Audio, Resources, Particle Effects, Physics via Box2d and more.

Targets (Google Play)
The entire game was made by myself and works on a number of platforms, the game is also on the Google Play Store. The game has targets which fly towards the screen, the objective of the game is to destroy the targets before they get to the screen. The game supports multi-touch and was built in about a week, some planned improvements are to make the targets break and to add audio.

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